The SUNFISH project, being an open research data pilot, so to preserve over time data and research publications linked to the project, has selected as its main open data online repository the web platform Zenodo. A community dedicated to SUNFISH has been created in Zenodo: Zenodo-Sunfish

While realising the SUNFISH platform and its components, technical partners used GitHub, a repository hosting service, in order to maintain an open and sharing collaboration platform and to favour accessibility and wide distribution – present and future – of the Project’s products. This documentation is available at


Moreover, by publishing on GitHub, the entire SUNFISH documentation is automatically published online on the associated SUNFISH Platform accessibility interface, which makes the project documentations fully searchable and readable, thus simplifying dissemination and exploitation.


White Papers

Cloud Providers White PaperOpen directory card

Public Sector White PaperOpen directory card

Case Studies

IDC PaperOpen directory card

Technical Reports & Deliverables

FaaS: Federation-as-a-Service Open directory card

First Dissemination Report Open directory card

Research Publications

Violating Consumer Anonimity: Geo-locating Nodes in Named Data NetworkingOpen directory card

Boten ELISA: A Novel Approach for Botnet C&C in Online Social NetworksOpen directory card

No Place to Hide that Bytes won’t Reveal: Sniffing Location-Based Encrypted Traffic To Track a User’s PositionOpen directory card

HOLACONF – Cloud Forward: From Distributed To Complete ComputingOpen directory card

Subversion-Resilient Signatures: Definitions, Constructions and ApplicationsOpen directory card

Non-Malleable Encryption: Simpler, Shorter, StrongerOpen directory card

Securing Integration of Cloud Services in Cross-Domain Distributed EnvironmentsOpen directory card

User-centered Security Management of API-based Data Integration WorkflowsOpen directory card

Towards Secure Collaboration in Federated Cloud EnvironmentsOpen directory card

Balancing Utility and Security: Securing Cloud Federations of Public EntitiesOpen directory card