From concept to matter, from project to platform

The SUNFISH Project reached its end in December 2017. In the months that separate us from that date, the European Commission evaluated our work and now the Consortium is proud to communicate to its stakeholders that the Project concluded successfully!

As pointed out by reviewers, in the third year, we finalised a platform enabling technology for Federation-as-a-Service based on exchange of data and services, ‘democratic’ governance, adaptability, openness, reliability, control, security, privacy and data protection. The SUNFISH Project effectively managed the realization of real life use-case scenarios that represent the ultimate innovation paths of the project, which in turn represented a great opportunity to create new knowledge, to experiment innovative services and to grow in the technological skills for all Consortium partners and for Public Administrations in particular.

Reviewers considered SUNFISH a “relevant but risky and challenging pioneering effort”, which has achieved very good technical highlights such as: a Service Ledger acting as a core blockchain based cloud federation infrastructure together with the use of blockchain smart contracts, Federated Administration and Monitoring, Data Masking, Anonymization and Security Multi-Party Computation.

This reflects the SUNFISH platform main innovation, its sustainability and future exploitability in the market.