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SUPERCLOUD: new security and dependability infrastructure management paradigms for clouds of clouds

SUPERCLOUD enables self-service security through a cloud architecture enabling users to define their own protection requirements and instantiate matching secure clouds. The project also allows self-managed security through an autonomic security framework that operates seamlessly over compute, storage and network layers, and across provider domains to ensure compliance with defined security policies. SUPERCLOUD also achieves end-to-end security by proposing trust models and security mechanisms that enable composition of services and trust statements across provider domains. Finally, SUPERCLOUD guarantees resilience through a resource management framework safely composing provider-agnostic resources using primitives from different providers.

  • SUPERCLOUD provides a self-management infrastructure for security and dependability of heterogeneous resources across federated clouds. Customers are provided with self-service environments enabling adaptive, customizable security for their cloud applications and services.
  • SUPERCLOUD also provides innovative cryptographic methods and tools to protect data across distributed clouds through on-demand data security services, such as access control, blind computation, and data availability.
  • Finally, SUPERCLOUD enables resilient network-as-a-service, using software-defined networking paradigms. It provides strong guarantees for end-to-end security across multiple infrastructure layers and cloud domains.
  • SUPERCLOUD technology is validated on real-world use cases focusing on the healthcare domain, such as healthcare information systems and medical imaging platforms. Through its open framework, the SUPERCLOUD approach is applicable to multiple other verticals such as cloud brokerage or blockchain markets, to reap benefits of on-demand management of security and reliability for multiple clouds and networks.

SUPERCLOUD has published the vision paper “User-Centric Security and Dependability in the Clouds-of-Clouds”. The article introduces the notion of SUPERCLOUD, a new architectural concept that follows the vision of user-centric distributed cloud security and dependability (available at https://supercloud-project.eu/publications-deliverables/publications).

For more information, read the short summary about SUPERCLOUD and visit the project website: https://supercloud-project.eu/