SUNFISH at Eustema Day 2016

The event which took place in Rome on May the 11th 2016, was dedicated to the importance of digital transformation in the Italian context.

Several prestigious speakers took part, among which: Roberto Baldoni, Director of the Cyber Intelligence and Information Security Center; Stefano Zireddu, Alitalia Vice President; Paolo Barberis, Italian Prime Minister’s IT Advisor; Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Italian Region of Lazio.

Also Francesco Paolo Schiavo – SUNFISH Project Coordinator – participated as key speaker within the session dedicated to “Demand and Supply: Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation”, presenting the SUNFISH project current achievements together with future goals.

Impact of digital transformation on the social environment, importance of privacy and security related to new technologies and digital transformation were the core discussion topics, emphasising the strategic need of truecollaboration among Public Institutions – playing a role in boosting R&D in new technologies and their adoption -, SMEs – bringing high innovation potential -, and big companies – owners of high level technologies.

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