SUNFISH first year of activity

SUNFISH has finally achieved its first year of activity on January 1st 2016. As planned all foreseen deliverables have been produced and submitted to the European Commission.

Among them, 2 key milestones will set the way forward for the upcoming year:1blueballoon

  • Technical architecture – SUNFISH partners agreed on the project’s technical architecture 4 months ahead of schedule
  • Use-case requirements – Requirements for the three use-cases have been collected through surveys and face-to-face interviews

What’s next?

In the upcoming months the objective is to involve the three use-cases to jointly develop SUNFISH first software prototype.

SUNFISH goal is to enable the secure federation of heterogeneous clouds belonging to different Public Sector Entities as a way to share data and services transparently, while maintaining required security levels.

The project will achieve this by meeting firstly the specific challenges faced by the Maltese and Italian Ministries of Finance, as well as by the UK Regional Cyber Crime Units, the three SUNFISH selected use cases.

Want to know more?

Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives!