SUNFISH in a nutshell

The overall problem that SUNFISH has looked into is the lack of infrastructure and technology allowing Public Sector players to federate their clouds. Cloud computing is drawing wide attention in the Public Sector. Nowadays main bodies rely on their own private clouds, leading to a multitude of secluded, not-interoperable cloud centres. The lack of reliable cross-cloud infrastructure hinders effective and practicable exploitation of clouds in the Public sector. SUNFISH has built upon this need by providing a software platform that via the principled usage of a blockchain infrastructure offers decentralised, democratic and secure federation of private and public clouds.

The cloud federation is intended to enable the management and optimisation of computing resources in a secure and compliant manner across the cloud federation to deliver business services for end users.

Funded by the EU within the Horizon 2020 framework with an overall grant of €4,5 million, the SUNFISH. Project has been developed, starting in January 2015, by a Consortium composed of eleven organisations from six different countries.

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