Key Innovative Outcomes

Key Innovative Outcomes

The SUNFISH platform rests on three pillars: security-bydesignflexibility and decentralisationBlockchain is the corner stone of the solution and the key enabler to a fully the interaction between blockchain technology and the SUNFISH FaaS – Federation-as-a-Service – solution. As a new approach to decentralised, democratic governance. Thanks to the key idea of Service Ledger, which harnesses the power of blockchain and smart contracts, SUNFISH makes possible the creation of an innovative kind of distributed governance without trust. This is achievable through cloud federation, FaaS allows for a first-time decentralised governance, which endows clouds with trustless data integrity and availability guarantees. Such a solution can be flexibly adapted to the needs of participating clouds and partners in the federation by making use of existing identity-management components. The flexibility allows its users to collaborate and securely share their private cloud resources and it guarantees secure information sharing, provided by dynamic data masking as much as secure multiparty computation.

The cloud federation is intended to enable the management and optimisation of computing resources in a secure and compliant manner across the cloud federation to deliver business services for end users. SUNFISH has proven the potentials of blockchains, in delivering cyber security-by-design and trustless coalitions through the FaaS Solution.

SUNFISH has been developed to answer needs and requirements of Public Administrations, which, as demonstrated by SUNFISH use cases, acquire benefits that would not be easily fulfilled with other solutions.

SUNFISH Benefits for the Public Sector

  • Optimised sharing of computational resources between participants of the federated cloud, while keeping the flow of sensitive data restricted to specific trust boundaries;
  • Enforcement of advanced security controls, guaranteeing lower risk of successful cyber-attacks and increasing the efficiency of the platform;
  • Assurance of improvements of the public administration in terms of acquisition of new skills and higher flow of data sharing;
  • Ability to create and manage the federation and its resources and policy from a single interface allowing for better delivery time of the service and improved access to large amounts of data
  • One of the public administration bodies acting as use cases experienced a reduction of 75% of time and of 50% of the number of steps necessary to provide the service, improving the efficiency of data exchange
  • Another use case reported a time to deliver the service cut by significant number of days with a correspondent sensitive decrease of cost.

GDPR Compliance

On May 25th 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force and organisations not complying with it may face heavy fines. The Regulation was put in place in order to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and reshape the way organisations approach data privacy. SUNFISH with its key anonymization and data privacy components (such as the ANM, DS and DM) provides technical tools to ensure compliance with the EU Regulation.

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